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TWR 360 Christian Radio in Ukrainian

TСР360 розбиває мовні бар'єри і стає доступним, завдяки чому користувачі можуть завантажувати, транслювати та читати численні християнські медіаресурси, щоб духовно зростати у щоденному слідуванні за Христом.

Gospel Broadcasts to Ukraine and Russia Offer Hope During Uncertainty

Trans World Radio

TWR, also known as Trans World Radio, has a national partner in Ukraine and a ministry affiliation in Russia. The ministry offers encouraging and sound Christian programming to people across the region. It has an impact.

TWR boosts radio reach in Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine

Mission Network News

TWR is broadcasting to people in Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia. Adding a second transmitter strengthens the signal, helping more people hear the Gospel programs.

Ukraine Update: Pastor, scholar, soldier

Trans World Radio

Reaching the world for Jesus Christ through mass media so that lasting fruit is produced.

Ukraine Update: TWR’s Ukrainian partners evacuate Kyiv area

Trans World Radio

Our team leader and most of his colleagues traveled 300 km (about 185 miles) in 15 hours to a place of relative safety. While recovering from their ordeal, they are working to produce short devotions for social media that also can be turned into audio files. They want to provide some sort of comfort to their people.

Ukraine Update: Your Giving Matters

Trans World Radio

We at TWR are so appreciative to all of you who have given to our Ukraine-Russia Crisis Fund. This is something you couldn’t have budgeted for at the beginning of the year, and yet about 300 of you have seen the need and found a way to respond.

Ukraine Update: Turning to Hope

Trans World Radio

At TWR, we’re thankful for our media friends who are helping to get the word out, inviting more people into our efforts to support our partners and bring hope to the affected region. Mission Network News has provided several updates in its radio and online spots.